About Jason

Welcome to The Grace Station.  I’m Jason and I created this site to be a blessing to those who are looking for information about my favorite subject – the grace of God.  I hope you find this site to be informative, encouraging, and inspiring.  Thanks for stopping by!

The Bio –

I currently serve as lead teacher at Journey Community Church.  I am married to my awesome wife, Molly.  We have three awesome kids.

I grew up in the very buckle of the Bible belt.  As a young child, I listened in Sunday School and church, as teachers and preachers proclaimed the message of Christ.  As a teenager, like many, I wrestled with the importance of the truths that I had been taught as a child.

Thankfully, God continued to send people my way – people who genuinely cared about me, people who were willing to share His grace with me.  At the age of nineteen, I accepted the grace that so many people had shared with me.  I trusted Jesus Christ to be my Personal Savior – to both forgive me of my sin and to give me eternal life.

This site is a dedication to Him, my Savior and Dearest Friend.

Contact Information –

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